17th doctoral service group of organizing department of cccpc and central committee of the communist youth league of china visit ofilm nanchang park
release time:2017-01-20

on january 14, the organization department of the central committee of the cpc and the 17th of doctoral service group of central committee of the communist youth league of china went to ofilm nanchang park to carry on investigate and research. the vice director of nanchang economic development zone management committee guo hongwei, the minister of district ministry of human resources and social security wang li, the director of district china merchants group chen yongbin and the director of district economic development bureau lei longhong, etc. accompanied with the investigation.

the manager of nanchang park general department wan xiyuan accompanied the doctoral service group visit the company exhibition hall, and introduced the development situation of nanchang park, and competent departments at all levels as well as the developing economic district of expressed gratitude to give help. the visiting line had expressed the present results to the company the leadership of the affirmation, the willing of make persistent efforts to ofilm and develop steadily, also make the due contribution for nanchang electronic information industry development, booster nanchang industrial transformation and upgrading.

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