the director of state intellectual property office sheng changyu researched ofilm industrial park in nanchang
release time:2016-11-25

the director of state intellectual property office sheng changyu and his group researched ofilm's industrial park in nan chang a few days ago, accompanied by vice governor of jiangxi provincial government xie ru, party members of provincial science & technology bureau, the director of provincial intellectual property office xiong shaoyuan, etc.

the chairman accompanied the research group to visit  the exhibition room and introduced in detail the technical innovation, as well as the protection, management and application of intellectual property that ofilm has completed in the process of strategic adjustment and transformation and upgrading.

ofilm actively regulates and promotes intellectual property work, and efficiently and timely protects its independent innovative achievements. it also formulates incentive methods for patents and quality management methods for patents. while encouraging innovation and patent application, it also exerts strict control over patent quality. up to now, ofilm has 2297 patent application around the globe (1823 domestic patent application and 474 foreign patent application). it has obtained 1439 granted patents (1079 domestic granted patents and 360 foreign granted patents), among which are 560 inventive patents (215 domestic inventive patents and 345 foreign inventive patents), and 879 authorized utility model patents  (864 domestic utility model patents and 15 foreign utility model patents). having won the 16th chinese patent gold medal, the company was rated national intellectual property superior enterprise of 2015 and was one of jiangxi province's first provincial ipr demonstration enterprises.

after carefully listening to the company's report on independent innovation development, intellectual property management, patent technology exploration, etc, sheng changyu extended full confirmation of the company's achievements in technical innovation and intellectual property. he pointed out that he hoped ofilm can make persistent efforts, quicken the pace of technological development and product upgrading, enhance technical innovation in the process of transformation and upgrading, satisfactorily fulfil the tasks of intellectual property protection and obtain more favorable results.

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