twin engines of photoelectric and smart car
release time:2016-11-25

the company released its three quarters earnings report on october 28th. the report shows that the company realized revenue of 7.99 billion rmb for the third quarter, an increase of 75.36 percent from the same period last year; it generated net profit of 0.199 billion rmb for the third quarter, an increase of 180.02 percent from the same period last year. the company realized revenue of 19.004 billion rmb for the first three quarters, an increase of 43.22 percent from the same period last year; it generated net profit of 0.567 billion rmb for the first three quarters, an increase of 60.32 percent from the same period last year. the company is expected to generate net profit of 0.67 to 0.86 billion rmb for the whole year, an increase of 40 to 60 percent from last year.

the company added brilliance to its achievement in the third quarter, benefiting from the new arrival of intelligent terminals in the third quarter. its photoelectric business benefits from this in an all-round way. the projects under construction increase by 200.2 percent, showing that the company can continue to increase capacity; the expenses of r&e increase by 526.04 percent, maintaining an increased amount of investment in intelligent automobile innovation. the company has made arrangements in both optoelectronics and intelligent automobile business. driven by the twin engine of optoelectronics and intelligent automobile, the company will have a brighter future.

photoelectric business shows "the speed of ofilm"

in touch screen field, the company possesses core technology such as film sensor, 3d glass, full lamination, etc. it also possesses ultrasonic touch technology. relying on innovations such as oled, it's expected to irradiate new life. directed at the emerging flexible touch field, the company developed fixed camber winding and any surface winding touch, with synchronized integrated development of 3d flexible touch technology; it innovatively developed technology such as super hover, pressure induction and tactile feedback, enriching user experience. flexible oled sets the development trend for film industry. touch, pressure induction and full screen fingerprint all need to be realized through thin film circuit. as the largest manufacturer of touch screen in the world, the company, whose driving force of development is technological innovation, will benefit the most from the development trend of the industry.

a 200 billion rmb incremental market of mobile phones with dual camera, vr/ar and in-vehicle cameras emerges. it's a new blue ocean with high value, a large number of products and numerous barriers to competition. the company is the first to make arrangements in camera industry, occupying a place in the first camp in this industry. the company is also pushing forward product structure optimization in camera business. its proportion of high-end products is increasing. its dual camera has realized production in bulk, swiftly releasing its production capacity. it has an industry-leading yield of common base frame technology. winning through high quality, it breaks through the old shackles and continuously drives revenue growth. its industry chain of dual camera has already matured this year, benefiting from the increased proportion of high-end products and the continued increase in automation degree of production line. the company has numerous excellent customer resources such as xiaomi, huawei, oppo, samsung, etc. the number of its customers is expected to rise continuously. focusing on the current market and r&d of prosperous cutting-edge technology, it's expected to carry out in-depth cooperation with advanced technology and r&d companies in america, israel and europe one after another, continuously drawing out a development plan for its image module business.

fingerprint recognition shows the amazing "speed of ofilm". the company develops from nothing but manages to become an excellent company in 2 years. there have been increasingly strong downstream demands for fingerprint recognition modules. thus, the company can release its production capacity successively. as an industry giant with a planned capacity of 25-30kk per month at the end of this year, the company has realized increase in both production capacity and market rate, with a domestic market share of over 70 percent. it's worthy of being the industry-leader. after fingerprint recognition business starts to release its production capacity this year, it becomes the highlight of the company's financial performance, showing growth spurt of over 10 times. currently, there is still room for development in the market penetration rate of fingerprint recognition, which is expected to maintain high growth rate for the whole year. looking forward to the future, the company is actively making arrangements in the development of its future generations of products, investing in, researching and developing new technology. improving existing industry chains and competitiveness, it's devoted to offering customers differentiated products with high cost performance.

making overall arrangements in smart car, having obvious channel advantages

with the improvement of living standards, automobiles have become life essentials. technological progress enables new energy, intelligence and internet to be integrated rapidly. automobile industry is embracing another transformation. automobile industry is an industry that integrates high technology and modernized production. according to the statistics provided by authority organization, global automobile industry will generate 280 billion revenue in 2019.

the company has accumulated numerous core technology in mobile phone industry. at the same time, it has practical experience of large-scale modernized production, which has laid a solid foundation for us to enter intelligent automobile industry, an industry with high threshold. currently, the company has completed its arrangement in the first phase of the development of its intelligent automobile business. geared towards the next generation of smart car, the company has set up 4 business sectors, namely automotive electronics, intelligent central control, intelligent driving and internet . it has synchronously established affiliated agencies in north america and europe, spreading its operation into the world. giving play to late-starting advantages, it has built the world's most advanced production base of automotive electronics.

based on its subsidiary intelligent vehicular networking, the company has merged and taken the shares of companies such as cetc-motor, bjev and set up teams such as adas, automotive gps and av, spreading its operation into fields such as hardware basis, algorithm resources and complete vehicle cooperation. the company has established in-depth cooperation with complete vehicle manufacturers such as bjev, saic motor. the company is expected to bring in automobile power electronic controller,  touch screen of central control, in-car camera and mmw radar, rapidly exploring downstream customers. intelligent automobile will offer the best protection for the company's performance growth in the future.

looking forward to the future, the company is  keeping its foothold in consumer electronics and actively exploreing intelligent automobile business, with a basis on advantages in photoelectric business. currently, the company has already determined a development strategy with a twin engine of "photoelectronics smart car". from consumer electronics to smart car, the company's business development will make still further progress.

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