the ranking list of shipments of fingerprint recognition modules in august is released; our company ranks no. 1
release time:2016-11-25

the rising sun mobile terminal research institute released the ranking list of shipments of fingerprint recognition modules in august a few days ago. ofilm'ranks with a shipment of 21.6kk.

the company started to make arrangements in biological recognition field in 2014, continuously exploring industry development, integrating technological resources, having brought in high and new technology and teams from various aspects and multiple channels, the company possesses industry-leading r&d productivity of fingerprint recognition products nationwide. the company has produced matte coating module, highlight coating module, ceramic lid made of glass, the world's first under glass module, living organism's fingerprint recognition technology, etc. it has established leading edges in intelligent mobile terminal field such as mobile phones, tablet computers, wearable products, becoming the leader in research, development and manufacturing of fingerprint recognition modules around the world.

the company has the world's largest fingerprint recognition module factory. equipped with highly accurate automation equipment and self-checking devices from holland, malaysia, singapore and taiwan, as well as 4 fully automatic spray coating lines, the factory can realize integrated production with 4 spray and 4 roast, high quality and high efficiency. having the country's first cover plate laminating automatic production line, the factory can realize automatic wobbling of plates, automatic labelling of daf, automatic laminating of ceramic lids, automatic compressing, automatic bezel, fully automatic code scanning and testing. the whole product can be manufactured automatically.

the company top the ranking list of shipments of fingerprint recognition modules with 2.46kk in september 2015. it maintained continued growth in its shipments later on. its shipments reached 21.6kk in august 2016, 3.5 times those of trulyopto, no 2 in the ranking list.

relying on its existing industrial advantages and adhering to the principle of all for customers, the company has provided the best technical service and product quality to terminal brands well-known around the country and the world such as huawei, xiaomi, oppo, vivo, motorola, etc. its shipment of fingerprint recognition modules has always been the largest in the world.

looking forward to the future, the company is actively making arrangements in the development of the next generation of products in biometric recognition field. it's investing in, researching and developing ultrasonic fingerprint and optical fingerprint, and trying to realize full screen fingerprint recognition. while it's researching and developing sweat pore algorithm and bio assay algorithm, as well as new technology such as logo coating, wortle coating, ncvm, it's also actively making arrangements in new technology such as automobile fingerprint recognition application, fingerprint atm card, iot fingerprint application. the company will constantly improve its existing industry chain and its competitivenes, and devote itself to providing customers with differentiated products with high cost performance.

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