ofilm wisdom built another ofilm future classroom in shenzhen
release time:2016-09-30

with access to wireless network, a classroom is equipped with smart multi-media interactive touch all-in-one computer, tracking cameras and voice-operated devices. recently, ofilm wisdom has built another future classroom in oxstand international school, shenzhen.

based on the refined recorded broadcast classroom, the ofilm smart city undertook the whole construction of the future classroom. featured with its own design and development,  its established system has been put into use with humanized man-computer interactions. over 80 % functions can be competed with one key, thus simplifying the operations, increasing its stability and usability, and facilitating the teacher to use.

for the moment, the system can automatically track and collect the hd videos, audios of teacher-student writings and interactions as well as the clippings of the teacher’s computer screen. what’s more , it can program teacher-student writing and actions and pictures, and record coursewares with camera mode or resource one; next, it can live broadcast on lan and internet, offering online live platform for distant users to learn.

in the near future, ofilm wisdom plans to build a brand new classroom integrated with vr hardwares, 3d coursewares and educational cloud platform, aiming at creating immersive, practice-involved, integrated environment with traditional educational method and vr contents through taking full advantage of traditional education and vr technologies. the wide spread of vr’ convenience will make vr education prosperous rapidly, and ofilm vr education business will thrive nationally with the positive effect of shenzhen, a vital economic zone in south china.

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