the program focusing on quality, employ caring, customer satisfaction starts on june
release time:2017-06-30

2017, is the year of implementing delicacy management. in order to improve the management and service concept into the daily work, the company encourages all of employees to take action, and surpass the expectation from our employees and customers.

the program focusing on quality, employ caring, customer satisfaction conference start on .more than 50 supervisors of business units and  heads of department from nanchang, shenzhen, suzhou, guangzhou , and shanghai, attended to discuss how to ensure output of the next half year and stable increase of business ,through improving the quality and customers satisfaction and stability of employees.

coo tan zhenlin made announcement about the initiation and implementation of the program theme moth in the opening speech.he said, quality is the lifeline of company. customers'  needs and satisfaction is the direction of our job, stable employees is the precondition of operation. we shall focus on these three problems and execute them.

with continuing and improving inside management, we shall surpass the expectation from our employees, and customers.

ccm quality assurance general manager xiaobo yang, public hr president yuqiang chen, public hr and ehs general manager yun li, marketing general manager xiongfei wang, each of them was given program authorization. they all made explanation and detailed the program about quality month and employee care month and customer satisfaction separately.

the company will archive the highly demand of customers, by series activities in quality month.

employee care program will start on june to december. we’ll start from working atmosphere, difficulty supporting, health caring and spare time activities these four ways to solve employees’ daily working and living problems.

the company customer satisfaction month program will focus on four mainly customers, ensure the output timing and quality standard, and integrate the customer’s evaluation criterion with company assessment, to urge each responsible department by advancing preparation and coordination of human resource from june.

the company clearly expressed and authorized each program superviser with fully leadership and authority, guarantee the program with effective and archive the expectation. each department should be supportive and cooperative by fully participate in these three theme program. after programing, each related department and stuff in the team will be accessed by setting rules, and awarded those who are great performance.

three themes activities in june are profoundly move of company, they are serious punch on the delicacy management. each heads of department should all participate, put the work into concrete action, solve actual problems, and truly service employees, products and customers.

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