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release time:2017-07-25

on july 21st, the china's top 100 electronic information enterprises list announcement and intelligent terminal industry summit forum was held in zunyi, guizhou province. the "2017 (thirty-first) top 100 electronic information enterprises list was announced. huawei, lenovo, haier, ofilm and the other 96 companies were selected and ofilm ranked no. 28, raised 4 places compared with last.

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how does the top 100 electronic information enterprises be selected?

the enterprises are recommended by the local industry authorities and related associations. the china electronics and information industry association organized experts to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the companies’ scale, benefits and r & d innovation etc.

• scale includes asset and income scale;

•benefits includes the profitability of the enterprise, the development ability, the ability of debt repayment and operation capability.

• r & d(research and development) capability includes both the investment ratio of r & d and the number of patents.

how strong were the top 100 electronic information enterprises?

the main development characteristics of the top 100 enterprises including their overall scale expands continuously, their performance level stays ahead, the r & d (research and development) investment continually increases, their pace of international business is accelerating, they speed up the implementation of national strategies and has outstanding contributions.

the data shows that the overall size of the new 100 enterprises continues to expand. their main business income is more than 3 trillion rmb, increased 12.9%. the total assets are nearly 4 trillion rmb, increased 22.8%. their performance level maintains the lead and achieved a total profit of 186.7 billion rmb. the average sales profit margin is 6.2%, which is 0.9% higher than the average of the industry. the total r & d investment is 189 billion rmb, increased 19.6%, which is 6.7 % higher than the income growth rate.

△ part of the list of enterprises

the ofilm won the title of the top 100 enterprises for five consecutive years

this is the fifth time of ofilm entered the list, won the "top 100 electronic information enterprise" title. it is a comprehensive embodiment of ofilm’s strengths in the market share, technological innovation, product reputation, brand influence etc. the raise in ranking represents ofilm’s new achievements and breakthroughs in business scale, r & d innovation, transnational business in the past year and the further consolidation of the leading position in china's electronic information industry.

our company seized the opportunity of the current mobile internet industry development, take the independent r&d technologies as the foundation, established many of production bases, built a number of advanced technology research institutes and r&d platform in china, and set up research centers in san jose, tokyo, suwon, taipei and other places

the company is continuously increasing r & d investment, the last year’s r & d investment accounted for 5.41% of operating income, increased of 52.99%. the company firmly grasped the development trend of the industry, determined the twin-engine development strategy of "photoelectric products and smart car", and further expanded the business scope.

after 15 years’ rapid development, ofilm has experienced several transformations, achieved the overall leap of business scale, benefits, technology, and the brand influence, and become leading brand of the industry. in 2016, the company achieved revenue of 26.75 billion rmb, raised 44.60% compared to the same period of last year. the annual net profit of 740 million rmb raised 53.89% over the same period of last year. ofilm continues to maintain steady development trend in this year, the first quarter of the company's main business income has reached 6.16 billion rmb, up 47.09% over the same period of last year, and the net profit of 191 million rmb.

facing the emerging new situation, new changes and new requirements, ofilm will accelerate the pace of development, improve quality and efficiency, enhance the brand influence to seize the commanding heights of the industry, and improve our comprehensive capability constantly.

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