ofilm advocates “the spirit of craftsman” to promote the double happiness of employees!
release time:2017-08-05

what is happiness? everyone has different answers. some say love, some say money, some say freedom, others say house, car, wife and children. in the final analysis, they all belong to two aspects -material and spirit.

on the quality month and employee care month summary and commendation meeting, the chairman offered to improve the ofilm employees' happiness, pursuit staff‘s happiness both in material and spirit, ensure their material well-being from the aspects of food, clothing and salary, and promote mental well-being from the working environment and atmosphere.

△the summary meeting site

at ten o 'clock in the morning of july 28th, the employee care month summary and commendation meeting was held in nanchang no. 1 park, the chairman cai rongjun and over 100 colleagues in public functions and the business group management team participated in it at the scene or through the video.

in june, ofilm launched three theme activities – june quality month, customer satisfaction month, employee care month. many departments and unities cooperated in various forms through channels to practice three events. the conference summarized the implementation and progress of the quality and employee care month, and made a brief deployment to the next stage work.

• quality month: stick to the craftsmanship, quality is paramount

yang xiaobo, leader of the quality month project, introduced the overall situation of the project. he said that since june, the quality departments of all the business groups have implemented the publicity through the combination of dynamic and static ways and let the quality awareness go deep into the minds of everyone’s. as for the quality of service and products, we carried out all kinds of activities, such as quality meeting, knowledge competition, destruction of defective products, and conduct the spirit of craftsman.

△ yang xiaobo introduced the project progress of quality month

keep quality awareness in mind, practice continuous improvement. later, quality team will act in expending the breadth and depth of quality publicity coverage to promote the quality awareness, and gradually formed a perfect incentive mechanism to recognize and reward teams and individuals with excellent performances. each group should learn from each other, complement each other, make progress together to achieve the target that leaders value quality, staff understand quality, and everyone participate in quality improvement to meet customer high quality standards.

employee care month: raise the happiness index of employees

at the meeting, chen yuqiang, leader of the employee care month project, summarized the project.

in the process of implementing employee care month, the public functions and business groups jointly carried out a series of activities covers the organization atmosphere, helping poor employees, physical and mental care, recreational activities. the company served the staff, excavated and met employee’ needs in different aspects, strived to solve their problems in daily life, created a positive and harmonious atmosphere. it has brought the company closer to the employees, the employees closer to each other and their families, which improved the overall happiness index, employee satisfaction and their stability.

△ chen yuqiang introduced the employee care month

the employee care program will last until december and will be implemented in four phases with different themes. the public functions and business groups will promote activities around the theme as planned, chen said. at present, the second phase of the "cool summer, my style, my show" has being put into practice in special activities. the subsequent midsummer drift, cool public action, the voice of ofilm and other activities will be launched to meet the needs of different employee groups.

employees caring activities will further penetrate into frontline teams, will work in total five aspects of efficient production, perfect quality, cost control, field management, team construction to build five star team and impel the fine management. meanwhile, we will also establish the ofilm university. as the fresh blood to supplement the basic management, it will continue the elite class model, stick to the training orientation of reserving cadres and team management, improve the company’s echelon building of talents and talent cultivation system, construct technical barriers, and build the spirit of craftsman by combination of study and practice.

awards: outstanding individuals and teams are rewarded

in the implementation of the quality month and the employee care month project, a lot of excellent role models stood out and the outstanding individuals and teams were rewarded.

there is a group of ordinary people who have done something unusual in a normal position. during the employee care month, they are chosen as advanced models in their business groups because of their caring spirit and dedication.

△chairman cai takes photos with the caring ambassador lin ling.

△chen yuqiang and li yun take photos with caring angels

feng dejun from tp bg nanchang park, hu xiaobo from lcm bg, zhang duolian from ccm bg, song fangyi from fpm bg, yang guanjun from sq bg, wang aitao from tp bg suzhou park, and hu ying from tp bg shenzhen park were named caring angel. after the overall voting, cl business group got the title of "ofilm love ambassador". the chairman, chen yuqiang and li yun issued certificates to the eight outstanding colleagues respectively.

△ chairman cai awards for the “outstanding bg of employee care month”

△ chairman cai awards for the" outstanding bg of quality month "

the promotion of quality month and employee care month project has been strongly supported by all business groups. after the evaluation, the sq workshop group has been awarded the "outstanding bu of employee care month”. in the quality month, the ccm business group has been awarded the "outstanding bu of quality month" for its positive participation and joint efforts of the whole staff. the chairman issued a certificate for representatives of the two excellent teams.

the chairman’s comments: we pursue the material and spiritual satisfaction of employees.

chairman cai affirmed the hard-work of quality team and hr in the past month and the improvement of internal management. meanwhile, he expressed the expectations and requirements of the next phrase.

△ chairman cai comments on the employee care month and quality month

with the surplus of market capacity and the increasingly fierce competition, the market demand has shifted from the pursuit of "quantity" to the pursuit of "quality", so the management mindset of the company needs to transfer accordingly. starting from quality improvement and employee care, ofilm is going to accomplish all the work at its acme with actual results and pursue the growth with high quality.

high quality and high loyalty employees are the foundation of the stable development of the enterprise. the employee care should be put into practice and to the heart of every employee. ofilm pursues the double happiness of staff in material and spirit. material happiness mainly includes food and clothing and work reward, and the spiritual happiness comes from harmonious working atmosphere. in the future, the company will be copy and promote the mature living facilities model of guangzhou park in every business group, improve the staff's working and living conditions from the aspects of food and residence, and make full harvest both in material and spirit.

industry is the basement of a country's economic development, and its development is closely related to the professional quality of blue-collar workers. there is no shortage of hardworking and intelligent people in ofilm, but as a growing company, there is still a shortage of talented people with rich experience and management skills. in order to maintain the company's leading position in the industry, we need to continuously improve the quality of the staff. firstly, we need to recruit more excellent talents, establish echelon building of talents. in addition to the introduction of global talents, the internal cultivation is equally important. so we will launch “ofilm university’ project, carry out pertinent training towards different levels of employees to improve our internal personnel quality through training. the "blue collar" project of the primary level employees will focus on building a group of blue collar elite talents to comprehensively improve the technical ability of staff at the basic level. professional trainings for middle management will improve their management ability. for high-level leadership, they mainly aimed at improving leadership.

in the future, ofilm will further transfer our management mindset to bring material and spiritual satisfaction for every employee and expend the happiness to every aspect of working and living.

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