chen xiaoping, vice governor of jiangxi province, visited ofilm
release time:2020-05-15

on may 15, chen xiaoping, vice governor of jiangxi province visited ofilm to learn more about its production and operation, resumption of production, and work and life of taiwan employees. responsible persons from provincial taiwan affairs office, nanchang city and high-tech zone accompanied the investigation, tan zhenlin, president of group operations, introduced the company to the guests.

vice governor chen xiaoping visited our company

in the exhibition hall of the future city park, chen xiaoping stopped to watch the products in the exhibition hall and inquired about the company's main business, business layout, product characteristics and technology development in detail. later, he went deep into the automation production workshop to understand the automation operation, key customer cooperation, order sales, etc., and highly recognized our company's product r & d investment, automation production level, rapid and orderly resumption of production during the epidemic period, and adverse growth to help accelerate the economic development of the whole province.

vice governor chen xiaoping has a cordial conversation with taiwan employees of our company

at the scene, chen xiaoping also had a cordial conversation with the taiwan employees' representatives of the company,to learn about their work and life in detail, and said that the government and the enterprise should take the initiative and act actively to create more convenient conditions for the employment and life of taiwan compatriots, continuously improve the well-being of compatriots, promote the spiritual harmony between the compatriots on both sides of the taiwan strait, and wish the taiwan employees of the company a comfortable life and happy work.

vice governor chen xiaoping visited the automation workshop

on february 28, 2020, the taiwan affairs office of the state council, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of industry and information technology and the ministry of commerce officially approved the establishment of cross strait industrial cooperation zone in jiangxi province, and nanchang high tech industrial development zone is one of the "one zone, three parks" of the industrial cooperation zone.

as a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing settled in the high-tech zone, ofilm attaches great importance to the construction of talent team. relying on the global layout, it has introduced nearly 5000 top r & d personnel in various fields around the world, including taiwan, china. among them, nearly 100 taiwanese employees are mainly engaged in research and development in the fields of optical image and microelectronics. their hard working style and lean research and development spirit provide effective assistance for the company's development.

while attracting talents, ofilm also set up innovative r & d centers in the united states, japan, korea, europe, mainland china and taiwan, focusing on the higher technical barriers, and tackling key problems. the technology r & d center in taiwan, established in 2014, has excellently researched and developed mobile phone new technology r & d, non mobile camera, car camera product application, monitoring and security and other fields, constantly breaking through technical barriers, providing assistance for the company's analysis of new technology direction, industrial integration, patent layout, etc., and boosting the company's rapid development.

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