ofilm was selected as outstanding contribution enterprise of guangming district, shenzhen in 2019
release time:2020-06-11

recently, in order to commend the advanced, set an example, and promote the sound and rapid economic and social development of guangming district, shenzhen guangming district carried out the selection of enterprises with outstanding contributions in 2019. ofilm group co., ltd. was awarded the honorary titles of "top ten enterprises contributing to the economic growth of guangming district in 2019" and "top ten enterprises paying taxes in guangming district in 2019".

outstanding contribution enterprises in 2019

ofilm has been stationed in guangming district of shenzhen for more than ten years, witnessing and growing with guangming district. today, guangming district has become the core fulcrum for docking the guangzhou shenzhen hong kong macao science and technology innovation corridor and shenzhen's "north expansion" strategy, and is one of the core areas of guangdong hong kong macao bay area. at the same time, relying on the strong support of governments at all levels in guangdong province and shenzhen city and the geographical advantages of guangming district, ofilm has been intensively cultivated and continuously innovated in the field of optical optoelectronics. it has grown from a small enterprise producing infrared cut-off filters to the leader of optical optoelectronics industry. in 2019, it has achieved an operating income of 51.974 billion yuan and a net profit of 510 million yuan, which has become the high-tech industry of guangming district one of the pillar enterprises. in the course of sustainable development, ofilm has made positive contributions to the economic development, financial revenue generation and employment of the guangming district.

over the years, ofilm has actively seized the good opportunity of industry development, made full use of its own technology accumulation for many years, insisted on guiding technology industrialization upgrading with independent innovation, and continued to invest in r & d, with more than 5% of its revenue invested in r & d every year. the company adheres to the values of openness and inclusiveness, and constantly absorbs outstanding talents from all over the world. continue to pay attention to the market dynamics, obtain industry-leading information, drive innovation by r & d, focus on technological breakthroughs, steadily improve product quality, consolidate the leading position in the global optical and photoelectric industry, and build the company into a global technology innovation platform enterprise.

in the future, in shenzhen, which is a hot land full of opportunities and hopes, ofilm will make continuous efforts to give full play to its leading role in demonstration, continue to focus on the main business of optical image, drive innovation and development with core technology, build microelectronics innovation platform, layout new fields, open up new markets, provide products and services with more added value and technology content, so as to obtain customer recognition and expand the market space, start the company's new journey of high-quality development, and make another contribution to the economic development of shenzhen.

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