optical company ofilm is intended to invest 20 million dollars into ar glass odg
release time:2016-02-26

zhidx news, ofilm (stock code: 002456) announced yesterday evening that the company and its controlling shareholder and actual controller cai rongjun are intended to make joint investment into odg (osterhoutgroup,inc) and take its shares. the investment amount is 20 million dollars. established in 1999, odg is a world-leading ar technology company situated in silicon valley. it's specialized in the researching and manufacturing of world leading, highly integrated and highly perspektivisch ar intelligent glass that can be produced in quantities.

the announcement stated that given ofilm's demand for strategic layout in new cutting-edge vr/ar technology and  its optimism of odg company's ar technology and teams, ofilm and its controlling shareholder and actual controller cai rongjun are intended to make joint investment into odg (osterhoutgroup,inc) and take its shares. the joint investment amounted to 20 million dollars, among which the company and cai rongjun each contributed 10 million dollars. together, they obtained 6.67 percent of odg's equity shares after investment.

established in 2001, ofilm has a total investment of 0.4 billion yuan. based on years of experience of manufacturing precise thin film photoconductor component and its understanding of downstream consumer market, the company has established its own core competence. relying on precise thin film photoconductor coating technology with self- independent intellectual property, the company has long been committed to the r&d, production and sales of precise thin film photoconductor component and has become china's leading manufacturer of precise thin film photoconductor components.

as an ar technology company, odg has spent nearly 10 years and billions of dollars of research and development funds to bring the technology that originally belongs to military into consumer electronics. it has core technology and excellent entrepreneurial teams in ar field, as well as core competence.related reports indicate that microsoft paid 0.15 billion dollars to purchase some assets and patents from odg in 2014. being worthy of 0.15 billion dollars, these assets and patents were related to wearable devices, involving ar technology, head-mounted computing devices, the company's other devices that are related to wearable devices, and other devices.

odg's ar intelligent glass is a highly integrated mobile wearable computing and ar system. it can perform all the functions of tablet computers and provide rich and real three-dimensional experience of ar. with patented photoelectric technology, the glass can produce unusually clear images with high contrast. reticle ecosystem includes independently developed reticle operating system (based on android kitkat). this is the only patented intelligent glass that allows for mixed reality (one glass can offer both ar and vr). odg has already achieved production in bulk of r-7/r-9 glass and is continuously developing the next generation consumer-grade ar glass. odg was the first to apply technology to production in terms of ar intelligent glass, compared with competitors such as microsoft's hololens and silicon valley's meta. moreover, odg's ar glass has already been miniaturized. it does not need to be plugged into pc, and is easy to carry and use. odg's ar glass has been rated by institutions such as global ar technology association as the world's best glass for many times.

according to the semi-annual report of global ar and vr expenditure issued by the market research firm idc, brand new and inexpensive hardware devices enable more and more companies and individuals to use ar/vr technology. developers will offer users numerous new experiences of these devices and fundamentally change many people's working modes. the compound annual growth rate of the revenue derived from global ar and vr market is projected to reach 181.3 percent from 2015 to 2020. the revenue will reach 162 billion dollars in 2020. the sales revenue of ar/vr hardware will account for over half of the worldwide gross income before 2020.

public information indicates that, based on its technical advantages in optical and photo-electronic fields, ofilm has established broad cooperative relationship with pioneer enterprises in ar/vr field. ofilm has already completed its investment into usens which is a technology company situated in silicon valley. at the same time, ofilm is investing into nurulize, which is a technology company situated in america's los angeles. furthermore, ofilm is maintaining close strategic cooperation with usens and nurulize.

ofilm said that, according to the company's research into vr/ar field, vr/ar technology has enormous market opportunities. after its investment into odg, the company and odg will carry out broad cooperation and make arrangement in vr/ar field, which contributes to improvement in the company's overall competitiveness and meets its strategy development needs. this investment has extremely important practical significance and market prescience.

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