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smart vehicle
intelligent network federation

in the field of automotive intelligent network connection, we should establish links from user and cloud to vehicle, relying on the accumulation of bus technology such as can, canfd, ethernet doip and wireless interconnection technology. we integrate our own software and hardware products into automotive interior to establish the channels between automotive and cloud. by monitoring, fault inquiry, fota upgrading, we can provide the best connection for the whole automotive factory and platform to receive the car.

remote diagnosis and fota platform for intelligent vehicle:

there are many projects in mass production in the first successful case of fota in china. it has high degree of platform, flexible configuration, easy deployment, flexible business model. based on the existing successful cases, a set of engine oriented to automobile network controller, domain controller and tbox is constructed.

it can support remote diagnosis, configurable log recording and reporting, fota remote controller programming. we can fully realize independent development and provide comprehensive customized development services.

configurable diagnostic instrument platform for intelligent automobile after sale:

based on the ets vehicle diagnostic toolset, the diagnostic data from a single part to the whole vehicle can be configured by configuration. on this basis, diagnostic development, testing and parts validation can be carried out in the engineering stage. at the same time, importing pad directly after verification will become a special automobile diagnostic instrument with friendly interface and simple operation. for example: support logistics information, fault code query/clearance, parameter configuration, process configuration, real-time display, process execution, input and output control, parts programming and other functions.

it can cooperate with diagnosis platform to realize data cloud management, user management, fault code management, maintenance manual management and remote troubleshooting.

in addition to the hardware of the special diagnostic instrument, the vehicle diagnosis can be realized by using the in-vehicle controller such as tbox, gateway domain controller, 4g locomotive and radio as carriers, and by implanting the diagnostic engine module, the configuration rate of the special diagnostic instrument can be reduced.

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