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smart vehicle
intelligent control

intelligent central control business is based on providing solutions for human-computer interaction between drivers and vehicles for the whole vehicle factory. it is involved in product areas including: instrument entertainment system assembly, all-liquid crystal instrument, combination instrument, central control entertainment system, back-row armrest control, streaming media rearview mirror, intelligent cockpit, etc. it also fits in multi-lcd screen, ota, etc. software upgrade, fingerprint recognition, gesture recognition and other fields are actively explored in order to provide a more perfect user experience.

the intelligent cockpit domain includes central control entertainment system, meter, hud, t-box, adas system and so on. the intelligent cockpit area controller is independently developed by the company to realize the integration of the above functions, achieve flexible expansion, high-speed interoperability of sub-functions, and finally reduce the complexity of system integration.

three 8-inch (1280*720) high-definition lcd screens, instrument, central control and assistant driver three screen linkage design, iml surface technology, central control and assistant driver zero-fit touch screen design. the design of the subsidence lcd screen combined with the led atmosphere lamp is to achieve a greater visual effect, the whole system gives people a high-end, atmospheric feeling.

8-12.3 inch lcd digital instrument:using high-performance rsa rh850 nxp i.mx6 dual-chip scheme, it conforms to aec-q100 vehicle gauge standard, high brightness true color vehicle gauge display screen, stable 60fps frame rate, even 3d instrument can achieve smooth and stable effect; stable and safe real-time operating system, with comprehensive software and hardware security protection strategy, conforms to iso26262 standard. it can maintain normal and safe operation even under long-term bad load environment, support human-computer interaction with cnc navigation system, and refresh ota and other software at high speed.

combinatorial instrument:3.5-7 inch lcd panel combined instrument, single chip solution, while supporting two-way display, one-way video input, maximum support 1280x480 resolution, at the same time up to support six mechanical pointers, security level to asil b.

multi-screen intelligent interactive system :multi-screen intelligent interactive system is using full-fit technology, surface ag, ar, af processing. the single chip is responsible for all screen display, host box is integrated separately. it adopts high performance chip scheme, supports multi-screen full-3d interactive display, maintains stable frame rate of 60fps, supports ota and ethernet doip online refresh.

streaming media rearview mirror:low latency (camera to image display <50ms),frame rate 60 frames / sec,excellent night effect,multi frame exposure wide dynamic,lane change aided high level applications,vehicle door anti-collision early warning - high level application.

fingerprint and gesture recognition:ultrasound fingerprint is a 3d image based on the principle of ultrasound time of flight ranging. the composition depends on the density of fingerprint wrinkles (skin) and depressions (air) to form the image results.

the advantage of ultrasonic fingerprint recognition is that it can penetrate all kinds of materials and thus integrate with the screen. it is waterproof, oil-proof, free from strong light interference, and supports living detection. it has a good application prospect in door entry, vehicle account management, vehicle payment and other fields.

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