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smart vehicle
intelligent driving

intelligent driving is committed to innovation in the field of automatic driving. the vision is to make every trip safe, comfortable and convenient. the goal is to deliver safe, comfortable, low-cost automatic driving technology, products and services for the vehicle factory. intelligent driving is mainly composed of teams with more than 10 years' experience in software and hardware design and optimization in the field of adas. the team has rich experience in r&d and mass production. a vehicle image and controller production line with an automatic rate of 90% has been established in suzhou.

cuckoo cam :back-looking cameras play a very important role in ensuring the safety of backing. the company's car-mounted cameras provide high-definition pictures, ultra-wide viewing angle, ultra-low illumination, to achieve the minimum size of the vehicle gauge requirements.

intelligent look- around system :the intelligent circle system provides real-time 3d panoramic images around the body to eliminate visual blind spots. at the same time, we integrate the adas functions developed by the team to provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

automatic parking :a product based on the vision and acoustic-electro fusion. people needonly to press the button, sit and relax, then the parking will be done by itself. at the same time, it provides functions of phone monitoring, car surrounding imaging and upgraded remote-monitor parking.

full screen smart rear view mirror :the main function of srvm is to make up the blind zone of traditional rear view mirror and shield problem to provide a securer vision field to the driver. however, in the near future, the rear view mirror will be replaced by the camera. the ofilm srvm provides rich image assemble and visual angle switch, available to be upgraded with adas function.

intelligent forward-looking system :a low-cost camera solution based on autonomous deep learning algorithm can provide lane departure warning (ldw), forward collision warning (fcw) and automatic high-light control (ahbc).

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