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the body electronics business focuses on the comfort control and information communication system of automotive body electronics. it is closely cooperating with customers, and use various new technologies and new schemes to develop automotive electronic components for meeting different customer needs. on the basis of continuously enhancing vehicle safety and reducing emissions, we provide the maximum driving experience.

the company's existing automobile body electronic products mainly include: automobile body electronic control module, gateway module, light and rain sensor, seat module, skylight control module and door and window control module.

body control module: the body control module integrates and manages the functions of comfort and safety, such as door lock system, door and window system, exterior lamp system, interior lamp system, body anti-theft system, engine anti-theft system, wiper system and so on. the body control module also provides the diagnostic interface that is needed to repair and maintain vehicles. now, the body control module also integrates more functions, including gateway function, keyless access, tire pressure detection, power management, energy management and so on. as part of energy management, it can help vehicles reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

gateway controller: gateway controller is devoted to the development of high-performance gateway control system which is based on the international mainstream vehicle network architecture communication design requirements, combined with the concept of multi-vehicle platform network compatibility design at home and abroad. it can support a variety of networks (up to 6 cans), and also can be used as a signal gateway and diagnostic gateway, and reserve a variety of input and output resources. it can be widely used in the communication management of b, a and a0 vehicle networks.

optical rain sensor: rls uses optical signal processing technology and advanced adaptive control algorithm to control the automatic wiper system and headlamp comfortably.

seat module: seat module can be divided into seat heating and ventilation module and seat memory module. seat heating and ventilation module can make people have a better driving experience by heating the seat or ventilating the seat. seat memory module can control the seat motor and memorize the seat position so that the driver can ride more conveniently.

skylight control module: skylight control module is a control system that controls the opening, closing, warping and falling of skylight. when the skylight is automatically closed, it has anti-clip system, and can be manually configured anti-clip system. when encountering obstacles, it will rebound automatically.

door and window control module: the door and window control module can collect all the switching signals on the door, and intelligently control the electric door lock, the electric window, the electric rearview mirror, as well as the external and internal lights of various doors. for electric windows with anti-clamp motor, it can also realize the functions of automatic opening and closing of doors and windows. besides, it can also realize advanced adaptive anti-clamp strategy when automatic closing.

achievements / successful cases: the automotive body electronics business has achieved full coverage of the business of self-owned brand automobile factory, and has entered the joint venture system to compete for the global platform. the products cover more than 20 mainstream automobile plants, more than 70 models and over 90 spare parts.

pfaf: when new energy vehicles are driving at low speed, it is difficult for some special people, such as hearing impaired people, vision impaired people, the elderly and children, to realize the approaching of cars, which may lead to traffic accidents. new energy vehicles pedestrian sound warning system (pfaf) enables new energy vehicles to be produced in operation. students can make pedestrians aware of the presence or proximity of cars without disturbing the sound, and prevent potential pedestrian safety hazards.

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