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company profile

company name(chinese):欧菲光集团股份有限公司

company name(english): ofilm group co., ltd.

registered address:ofilm optical technology park, huafa road, songbai highway, gongming street,guangming new district, shenzhen, guangdong, china

abbreviation name: ofilm

legal representative:tsai rongjun

company secretary:xiao yansong

registered capital:2,712,945,875

industry type:computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing

zip code:518106

company telephone:0755-27555331

company fax:0755-27545688

company website:凯发k8旗舰平台-凯发棋牌

time to market:2010-08-03

ipo time:2010-07-21

issue amount(in ten thousand shares):2,400

issue price(yuan):30

issue price-earnings ratio(times):58.69

issuing method:internet pricing,  offline inquiry pricing

lead underwriter: boc international securities limited

sponsor institution: hualin securities limited liability company, gf securities company limited

real-time stock

ofilmstock code:sz002456

20.72 -0.22 ( -1.05 % )

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